Lucky 7: O’s Playing Best Ball at Most Critical Time

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Ok that’s it, I’m officially done trying to figure out the 2017 Baltimore Orioles.  After a mediocre west coast trip followed up by a less than impressive 3-3 home stand the last thing I would’ve thought was they would start a 7 game winning streak, but here we are.  You could definitely argue that the birds are playing their best baseball of the season, and they couldn’t have picked a better time.

Dylan Bundy is throwing straight fire

So I’m going to steal this from one of my friends.  Who are the five greatest pitchers of all time, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan & Dylan….why cause he spits hot fire (Thank You Kyle Greene).  Seriously though, Dylan Bundy is just plain dealing right now.  His last start against Seattle was a masterful complete game 1 hit shutout, with 12 strikeouts, oh and that one hit was a bunt single.  In the month of August Bundy went 4-0 with an ERA of 2.00.  Another crazy stat on how good Bundy has been, Steve Melewski on twitter, every O’s starter not named Dylan Bundy has just 2 games of 10+ strikeouts in 107 games, Bundy has 10+ strikeouts in 3 of his last 4 starts.

Trey Mancini approaching O’s record

One of the best stories from the 2017 season is Trey Mancini becoming a star right before our eyes.  During this current 7 game winning streak Mancini has hit .414 with 2 home runs and 9 RBI.  The home run number is the one to keep an eye on heading into September.  One of the many records that Cal Ripken owns is most home runs by a rookie with 28 in 1982.  Mancini now has 23 home runs and has a little over a month to eclipse the great Cal Ripken, personally I feel Mancini will hit 30.  Trey Mancini should get very strong consideration for American League rookie of the year.  I doubt he’ll win since everyone is infatuated with Aaron Judge despite his horrendous second half (currently hitting .181 since All Star Break).  Still the O’s and fans should be excited for what the future holds for Mancini.

O’s winning every way possible

Maybe the most impressive thing about this seven game winning streak is how the Orioles are getting the wins, which honestly is every way you can think of.  They have had dominant pitching performances, 2 shutout victories in the 7 games.  Showing they can win tight games, 4 of the 7 wins have been by one run.  Showing off their muscle and beating teams senseless, two wins in the 7 games have been by 7 runs or more (both against Boston).  Comeback wins, twice in the series against Seattle the birds fell behind only to come back and win.  Even when the most reliable of O’s has a bad night they have won.  Zach Britton blew his first save in 60 chances and the O’s still won in extras, in fact that game started the 7 game win streak.  Bottom line the Orioles are playing with a lot of confidence and it’s showing on the field.

The Orioles head into the final month of the season looking better than they have all year.  I’ll be honest I thought this season was over, I thought they were way too inconsistent to make a strong enough push.  That’s why I love sports because just when you think you’ve got it all figured out something happens and completely erases your original thought.  The stretch run for the O’s begins with a 4 game series against the slumping Blue Jays starting on Thursday night.


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