Loople Is The Must Have App For “St. Patty’s Month” In Baltimore

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s about damn time there is an app that tells you what you need to know around Baltimore. This app is Loople, and it tells you everything you need to know about the bars/restaurants around Baltimore. The where, the what, and the what you want-all at your fingerprints.  I want the best specials, I want to eat what I’m craving, and I want to know what to expect before I enter a joint.

Loople not only shows us what is going on around town, but it lets you filter down to your specific needs:


All information is verified, so you get exactly what you’re looking for.


Now that you downloaded the app, let’s put this bad boy to the test in the month of March. I’m not going to beat around the bush, Patty’s Day is coming up, and this means we’re all Irish for the month of March. We celebrate all month, and Loople will be your one-stop shop for everything that is happening.

Here’s a taste of the weekend ahead:


Friday March 11th – “Meet in the Street” Day 1 

Always one of our favorite events, the “Meet in the Street” has expanded this year. From what we’ve heard so far the streets passing through Canton Square will be closed off this year so you can enjoy your refreshing beverages and stumble out of the bars without the fear of a reckless car blowing through a stop sign ruining your night. Obviously, the center of the action will be “Claddagh’s Pub” with it’s long history of hosting this event. Wherever you go the weekend of the 11th & 12th its hard not to feel a little bit Irish.

Saturday March 12th – “Meet in the Street” Day 2

 Round 2 is here just in time for you to shake off that hangover, grab a Gatorade, and jump back into the swing of things. By this point we think you should be used to it, right? Great, if you are around Canton swing back through the Square starting at 11am. Loud music, cold Guinness and *fingers crossed* nice weather.
Saturday March 12th – “Kegs & Eggs”

Get your green on and come party like it’s college all over again! Power Plant Live continues their “Rally in the Alley” series with this Miller Lite fulled event. 

All Inclusive Package ($30) includes:

  • Miller Lite drafts
  • Endless breakfast buffet
  • Discounted Irish Whiskey and Car Bombs
  • Access to the Alley, Mosaic, Luckies Tavern, Luckies Liquors, and Mex

VIP Package ($50) includes:

  • All of the above
  • Access to the balcony with private bar
  • Private bathrooms
  • St. Paddy’s swag
  • Flip Cup and Corn-hole


Download Loople now, and stay up to date with “St. Patty’s Month”

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