Loople Hosting Federal Hill Bar Crawl. Free Drink, Great Specials, Good Times.

Pubs and Grub — August 26, 2015 at 11:56 pm by

Loople, the greatest social/bar app on the planet, is at it again and hosting another free bar crawl.  With the success of the past two weeks’ crawls in Fells Point and Canton, it’s only natural to head on over to Federal Hill to complete the legendary drinking neighborhood trifecta.  That’s right, this Saturday, the folks at Loople, and their great app, will be in Federal Hill from noon to six.  The festivities begin at Mad River, and just like the past two weeks, your first drink is free and you’ll get great drink specials (including $2 Miller Lites) all damn day long.  The crawl will roll though Mad River, Magerks, Nobles, and Social Pie and Pub.   All you gotta do is show up and download this new free and fantastic app.


Loople is a brand new app designed to make your social and boozing life easy.  It tells you where all the nightly specials are, it tells you where all your friends are, and it gives you up to date information on Baltimore’s best bars and restaurants.  And it tells you all of this in one app, right on your phone.  Who in the hell wouldn’t want that?

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Saturday is supposed to be a beaut of a day down in Federal Hill.  I forecast sunshine, chance of beer is 100%.  So why not head on down to Mad River and download this great app.  In return, you’ll get good booze cheap while you romp through Fed Hill.  Sounds like a winner to me.  Besides, with your paltry organizational skills and lack of general knowledge, this app is an absolute necessity.  Get in the Loop!



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