Looney’s Pub: St. Patty’s Style

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Despite the crappy weather, Spring is in the air, and nothing says Spring is right around the corner better than St. Patty’s Day.   St. Patty’s Day has become a huge event in Baltimore complete with parades, parties, and overflowing bars.  It has become an “unofficial holiday” here and everyone you know becomes a drunk Irishman for a day.  There are plenty of options for you if you are planning on going out into the madness, but our favorite spot is in Canton, right on the square,  Looney’s Pub.

Looney’s has been doing St Patty’s since 1993, so they know what’s up.  Besides, even on a normal drinking day, Looney’s is one of our favorites.  I have always felt at home at this friendly pub since walking in the door some twenty years ago.  There are TV’s everywhere with an emphasis on all the home teams, and the place just feels like a Baltimore bar should.  There is a corner bar feel to the place, but it’s also big and popular enough to attract more than just a “regular” crowd.  Looney’s in Canton boasts four bars on two floors including an open bar/dining area on the first floor.  There’s good food (including the best wings  in town and one of my favorite sandwiches in the city, the Twisted Filet) coming out of the kitchen and a great bar staff  manning the trenches. (Present company included.)  It’s the kinda place that if you walk in and don’t have fun, you need to seek  some damn help, because there’s something wrong with you. 

On St. Patrick’s day everything cranks up a notch.  This is THE day to go, so if you do venture there be prepared.  Be in a good mood and be ready for anything. The place will be crowded (remember good spots get crowded) and rockin’ with bands and DJs.  A lot of amateurs come out on drinking holidays so be ready to make fun of a lot of people (amongst yourselves of course.)   We of course recommend a “when in Rome “mentality, and think you should drink Guiness, Smithwick’s, and Jameson.  It’s time to man up, no shooters here, if you want to pretend you’re Irish, drink the straight liquor and save the Washington Apple shooters for next time.  Also Smithwick’s  is not pronounced the way it’s spelled, Smith-wicks.  It’s pronounced Smit-iks, so if you order it,  know it babes. 

Every Patty’s day usually begins at 6 a.m. at Looney’s.  98 Rock does their morning show from here every year, so the Guiness starts flowing early.  This year the show will be on Friday morning at 6 a.m,  but on Patty’s day the doors will still open at 8 a.m. with $1 Guiness and Jameson.  So if you like a whiskey chaser after your Frosted Flakes, this is the perfect spot for your trembling self.  Every year this place is packed on Patty’s day, so an early start may actually suit you if you don’t want to fight the crowds later. 

There will be bands and DJ’s all day long as the celebration in Canton cranks up.  Again Canton is our favorite spot for Patty’s day but Looney’s has 3 other locations with bands, tents, beer gardens, and general mayhem.  You can check out their Bel Air, Maple Lawn, and College Park lineups at their website,  www.looneyspubmd.com .  You won’t be disappointed no matter which Looney’s you go to ,  it’s a blast at any of their locations.

 So this weekend we’ll see you at Looney’s for our favorite St. Patty’s Day party.  Have fun and happy boozing!


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