Lookin’ Good Ubaldo!

Sports and Bets — March 3, 2015 at 5:03 pm by

The O’s opened Grapefruit League play today and they sent Ubaldo Jimenez out to the bump.  The $50 million man went 1.1 innings, allowed 6 runs (5 earned), while plugging two batters.

That’s right Charles, is it turrible, and to make it worse, Jimenez was quoted saying this,

 If you see the scoreboard, you’re probably like, ‘He was (bad),’ but I wasn’t,” Jimenez said. “I felt like I had good control of the fastball even though I hit two guys, but it was two pitches that got away. All of the other pitches were really close, probably at the home plate.” 

I guess it wasn’t that bad if the pitches were close.  I mean, if you think about it, the batter stands pretty close to home plate, so if the batter gets hit, he’s probably standing even closer to home plate than most other batters.   Major League answer by Ubaldo right there.  Good to see that he’s a perfectionist.

It would be different if Jimenez had produced last season.  Then we’d all be looking at this as his first Spring Training appearance and it would be no big deal.  But Jimenez stank last season and this disaster looks like “Ubaldo 2014” all over again.

Again, I know this is the first game of Spring Training, but it sure would have made me feel better if Jimenez had pitched like his $50 million contract says he can. Instead, he looked more like Ricky Vaughn……


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