Live Reporters Need To Get Off The Streets Prior To Curfew and Caring About Fans Attending O’s Game Is Nonsense

News — April 29, 2015 at 11:11 am by

The City of Baltimore is in a state of emergency and a city-wide curfew has been ordered between the hours of 10 pm and 5 am.  So then why are street reporters being allowed to roam the streets and essentially violate curfew?  It seems their presence would signal to the general public that it is still okay to be on the streets.  While they are technically working, and while there is an exception  for working folks provided in the legal language of the curfew, the documentation of what is going on in the streets can be recorded by a camera man and commented on from a remote position.  There is simply no need for a live reporter to be on the scene after 10 pm.  Documenting what is going on in the streets is important, but having a mouthpiece in front of a camera is encouraging people to remain outside and it’s making the Baltimore Police Department’s job more difficult than it already is.

And speaking of making the BPD’s job more difficult than it has to be, everyone needs to shut up and stop lamenting the fact that fans won’t be allowed into the O’s game today.  Having an empty stadium is the right call.  Police have been working for days on end now, and having to protect fans going in and out of Camden Yards would simply be another strain on an already exhausted and hard working group.  The city is in a state of emergency and the National Guard is in town.  There is zero need for another security distraction.  Baltimore is far from being out of danger.  Last night saw several arrests and multiple clashes with police.  There will probably be more violence as the week progresses.  Taxing our police force in any way with a sporting event is foolish.

Stay safe, be smart, and if you are in the city, obey the curfew.

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