Little Kid Is NOT HAPPY That His Mom Is Pregnant Again

Humor — August 28, 2014 at 1:54 pm by

“Ugghh, what was you thinking?” is exactly right, Tré. Going from two kids to three kids doesn’t make any damn sense. Your family had perfect symmetry till this third kid came into the mix. Now it’s all fucked up. Tré goes from getting half of his parents’ love, attention, and fiances for the latest toys to getting a third. Talk about exasperating. As much as I loved him dropping that SAT word like it was nothing, my favorite part of the video was when he pointed his finger at his mom and demanded to know, “What kinda baby is that?” It reminded me of that dude from those old Unforgivable videos. Hold on, bitch, you better not have no brother!


That little guy is heated, and I can’t blame him. Hope you get those ear plugs, Tré, and that your mother consults you before making any big decisions in the future.

via Huffington Post

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