Little Kid Dominates Live TV Interview At Fair

Humor, News — August 5, 2014 at 1:12 pm by

Apparently, this kid was born to entertain. Most kids his age would crumble under the pressure of being on live television for the first time. They would just stare into the camera like a goon, and probably wet themselves. But nope, not Noah Ritter. He lives for this shit. He’s cool, calm, and collected on the mic, like a young, redheaded Vin Scully. And talk about star power. Did you see that polo and sneaker combo? Looks like he just stepped off a runway in Paris. Now we just need this stud to start announcing Powerball drawings to bring this thing full circle. I can picture it now. Apparently, the jackpot is $100 million. Apparently, the first ball is an 8. Apparently, the second ball is a 12. Now that would put some asses on the edge of their seats.

via Uproxx

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