Like To Gamble? Then Go Stand Under The 695 Bridge Over Joppa Road That Looks Ready To Collapse

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Passing motorists have noticed cracks in pillars, missing bolts and what looks like wood blocks propping up the bridge itself. Passing motorists have noticed cracks in pillars, missing bolts and what looks like wood blocks propping up the bridge itself.Officials said drivers don’t need to worry in the immediate future, but there are conflicting expert opinions regarding the condition of the bridge and the timetable for repairs. For the past couple months, while traveling on the portion of Joppa Road that goes under the bridge on I-695, retired SHA employee Jim Hagerty noticed problems. ” When asked whether the public is in danger, Hagerty said, “They could be. It’s a dangerous, serious, crucial situation that needs to be addressed quickly.”

Ah babes, our tax dollars at work.  I get fucking whacked for $6 bucks very time I drive over the Bay Bridge.  I pay $4 for every trip through the tunnel. My property taxes in Baltimore County are outrageous. Yet somehow shit like this happens. The State says it is safe.  Really?   Doesn’t pass the eyeball test to me.  Even if it is technically safe, shouldn’t you fix it to give your taxpayers a little piece of mind?  Nah, they’ll just leave it until it becomes a real problem or somebody gets hurt.  Nice work State of Maryland, nice fucking work.

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  1. The unnecessary use of profanity doesn’t do this article justice. Without it, this is a well written piece. With it, it seems like it was authored by an angry high school student.

  2. scary to know since ive been on and around that bridge plenty of times oy
    but there is a show on history channel that didn’t last long. The man went to different states and looked at things like bridges, sewers, etc. America is falling apart at the seams or so it seems.

  3. The reason that you pay through the nose at the Bay Bridge and the tunnels is because they are operated by the Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA)- which operates all toll roads as an enterprise agency- meaning that the tolls that you pay go towards maintenance of all toll facilities in Maryland. It’s like a public golf course that is funded by greens fees.

    All other state highways are funded with a combination of state and federal gasoline taxes. Because we failed to raise the gas tax, until this year, to keep up with the rate of inflation and the soaring cost of materials such as asphalt, we have lacked the money to adequately maintain our infrastructure.

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