Light Self On Fire, Ride Horse In Fake War, Jump Off Rock Formation: Fake Twerker Does It All

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So the Jimmy Kimmel Twerk girl is some stunt woman named Daphne Avalon.  Setting herself on fire is just her latest deal.  She also rides a war-horse in the Call Of Duty Commercial and evidently enjoys jumping off rock formations into small bodies of water.  Is she hot?  Definitely.  But how do you keep up with a chick like that?  She’d be all standing there covered in gas and flames, laughing her ass off and calling you a puss for not even pouring the gas on yourself.  Every date would be like a Survivor Man episode.  Climbing mountains, jumping off shit, hang gliding, space exploration, etc.  Although after watching that ass shake in that Twerk video, maybe snorkeling with a handful of fish guts into great white infested waters wouldn’t be such a bad idea….

Some birds just cant’ be caged babes.  Ladies and gentlemen, Daphne Avalon…..

The Twerk


The Call of Duty War-Horse



The Rock Jump

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