Le’Veon Bell & LeGarrette Blount Were Both Busted For Marijuana Possession

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Pro Football Talk – Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount, Pittsburgh’s first- and second-string running backs, were in a car together and stopped by Ross Township Police this afternoon. Detective Brian Kohlhepp of the Ross Police Department tells PFT that a motorcycle officer smelled marijuana smoke coming from the car and pulled it over. Police found a baggy containing about 20 grams of marijuana in the car. Both Bell and Blount are expected to be charged with possession of marijuana. Bell is also expected to be charged with driving under the influence. An unidentified female in the car is also expected to be charged with possession of marijuana. According to police, all three people in the car admitted that the marijuana belonged to all of them.

Sucks to suck, boys. One minute you’re having the time of your lives, laughing and joking, and plotting how to bang this woman by committee. The next you’re tossed in the slammer. The L ride is a cruel mistress like that. This incident would be pretty funny if it happened to any players, but having it happen to two Steelers makes me laugh like a super villain. Add the fact that one of the players’ name is Blount, and it feels like Christmas came early. It’s a glorious day to hate the Steelers, babes. Now I just hope that the Ginger Hammer comes down hard on these reefer addicts, and Pittsburgh is forced to bring back Chris Fuamatu Ma’afala to deal with the crippling suspensions.

This will always be my favorite mishap involving marijuana and cars, though…

via Pro Football Talk

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