Let’s Take A Second To Appreciate This Duo, And Their Impeccable Shark Cages

Humor — July 21, 2015 at 10:08 pm by

I took a video of the man and woman trying to promote and take photos of the man’s “shark proof” cage invention, even the lifeguard wants to know what they’re doing(Jordan Cutrell)

That light bulb goes off in our head constantly throughout the day, but there are only a few brave souls that act on it. This pair in the Outer Banks are those people, taking the chance for the greater good. With all these sharks terrorizing the beaches, these pioneers are what the country needs…

The best way to persuade the masses that a shark can’t penetrate your fortress? Test that son of bitch yourself. If they have kids guarding the chairs, I’d imagine they’ve never been prouder…


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