Let’s Stand Up And Defend Our Town

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by Babes

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of the entire city of Baltimore being crucified over this Ray Rice issue.  In everything I hear from the national media, we as Baltimoreans are being lumped into all the ire and scrutiny due to the parties involved.  Why? Because we stood up for our guy?  Because we originally had his back when details were sketchy about what happened?  Because we cheered one of our own to let him know he was supported?

I get it, that was then and this is now. We know now what really happened, and Rice doesn’t deserve our support.  But why are we, the Ravens’ fans, getting blasted for sticking up for one of our own?  I’m referring to the scrimmage held at M&T Bank back in early August.  Every media outlet loves to say that we cheered him when he took the field.  Judging by Ray Rice’s character displayed before this incident, why wouldn’t we support him?  I’m not going to go into all the things he did in the community, nor am I defending him right now.  What I’m doing is defending our town and the people who had faith in a guy that before this isolated incident, had never been questioned about his character.  I don’t understand why the city of Baltimore is being shit on for something one player did.

Everyone and their mother have chimed in and bloated out their opinions all over social media over this issue.  Everyone acts like they’re personally affected by this, and it’s bullshit. Domestic violence goes on everyday in every town across America, and unless it occurs on camera, people don’t give a shit.  But Ray Rice was caught on camera, so now he is the poster boy for wife-beating.  Never mind the fact that two other players in the league are under investigation for the exact same thing right now.  But there is no video in their cases and therefore no reason to stir the shit storm over it.

The media only gives a shit about Rice because they need to sell newspapers, and airtime for their TV networks, and ad space on their radio shows.  They don’t really care about the victims.  It’s the bottom line that matters in the media, the same way it does for the NFL.  The media can hide behind the premise that they are just reporting the truth, when in fact they are just using a story to line their pockets.  And then they will turn around and blame the NFL for trying to cover up the severity of the issue.  No shit, the NFL is trying to cover it up, it negatively affects their bottom line.  In the end that’s all anybody cares about, so people should really stop trying to save the world through their Facebook status and message boards.  It’s a waste of time.

I’m sorry, but I’m a realist and a pretty simple guy.  I love my family, my friends, eating, getting drunk when I can. I love watching sports, and I will watch football until the day I die.  I don’t give a fuck what the players do off the field because it doesn’t affect me.  I want to watch them compete for my enjoyment.  I don’t care if the linebacker runs a drug ring; I want to see him make tackles.  I don’t care if my doctor runs a brothel out of his basement; I want medical assistance from him.  Maybe the bank teller I go to has infiltrated the bank so the Dead Presidents can take it down, I don’t care, I just want my cash. Obvious sarcasm above, but hopefully you catch my drift.  It’s not my problem what people do in their own time, and I’m not going to boycott a place just because of something I think they did in their personal time.  The same should apply to the NFL.  These people that say they’re going to boycott this and that, they’re either full of shit or stupidly hard-headed.  What’s the saying? “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.”  Take the effort you’re applying in “showing the NFL” and allocate it to something productive for yourself.  I can’t say I have the right answer to this.  What I can say is that I think the NFL has set a decent precedence in place for keeping these guys in line.  If they want the privilege of making millions of dollars to play a game, you have to keep up a certain standard for yourself.  It shouldn’t be that hard to follow.


I know one thing for sure, we need to rally as a town and blow the nonexistent roof off of M&T Bank Stadium Thursday Night.  We need to show the world that were not going to fucking buckle under the weight of this dark cloud that has plopped itself right over our heads.  We come out louder and stronger than ever as a fan base and let our team know that we have their backs.  Our team deserves to have us to lean on.  The Pittsburgh Steelers need to feel the presence of the Baltimore fans.  Let’s help our team get on the right track, and put this bullshit behind us.

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