Let’s Laugh At Yankees Pitcher Shane Greene Making 3 Errors

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Last night worked out very well for the Birds. They beat the Angels, 4-2, and the Yankees and Blue Jays both lost to give the O’s a four game lead over both teams in the East. While any Yankees loss is reason enough to smile around here, Shane Greene made last night’s loss extra enjoyable for Oriole fans. His three errors were the most for a Yankee pitcher since Tommy John in 1988. Here’s the lowlight video. Feel free to fire up the Benny Hill to accentuate these hilarious fielding blunders.

The first error was definitely embarrassing, but pitchers struggle with covering first base pretty regularly. The third error was an absolutely terrible throw on an admittedly tough play. But the second error? Shaquille O’Neal couldn’t have caught that ball if he were playing first. Just an awful fuck-up on a ridiculously easy play.


What a tough day at the office for Chuck Knoblauch Shane Greene.

via Deadspin

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