Let’s Do the Louisiana Derby, Shall We?

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Okay race fans it’s time to put your heart on hold and  start using your handicapping brain. Yeah, Valentine’s Day was last month,and we got all that mushy stuff out of the way.  We just can’t afford to fall in love with horses that keep letting us down. Or can we? unfortunately I know I continue playing horses that  I’ve previously bet on only to be let down time and time again.  My logic for doing so is quite predictable, if I must say so myself;  I am afraid to be made a fool of by these four-legged heart breakers. I am really afraid that they will finally win and I won’t cash in. I hold on much to long. Maybe I should take Ozzie Newsome with me. He can break me of that habit, I’m sure.  But here we go anyway.

The triple crown preps take to two locales in Gulfstream Park  and The Fair Grounds, respectfully.  My buddy Seabass tackles  Gulfstream while I take on the Cajuns down on the Bayou. You talk about tough, picking winners here is about as tough as a $2 steak…

Mark Valeski

Mark Valeski

 We will start with the 8th race, the New Orleans Handicap:  We like the #7 Mark Valeski.  Good Mark has never really run a bad one.  Use him with the #5  Cool Street,  and the # 1 Flat Out

9th Race,  The Louisiana Derby:   The #3 Revolutionary  and the  #8 Code West are hard to look past. I like them both. But , I will use Calvin Bo Rail on the # 4 Golden Soul. Take a chance on him to make the exotics worthwhile.  They will take him back early this time and let Calvin come late…

10 th Race:  #5 Optimizer. Okay , here is one of those horses I was talking about.  He  burned up so much of my money last year that it really was a sin.  But in true Cliff Brooks fashion, I choose to hang on.  He will get a target to run at in the #4 Wilcox Inn and then he holds off #2

Calvin Borel

Calvin Borel

Doubles Partner.

11th Race:   I like the #5 Skinny.  It only cost $2,000  to breed to the sire of this one but he fetched $120,000 at the sale.

Good Luck!

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