Let’s Celebrate Ben Stiller’s 49th Birthday With His Top 10 Best Movie Roles

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I absolutely love Ben Stiller, and he’s had so many hilarious roles over the years. He has the rare gift to make everyone else in his movies even funnier. Today he turns 49, and to celebrate, let’s look at his ten best movie roles.

10. Duplex- I think Duplex was a very underrated movie, and every time I see it on TV, I flip to that channel. The idea was so simple, but Stiller and Drew Barrymore really turned it into a laugh out loud movie.

9. Night At The Museum- Any movie that is good enough to make a pair of sequels is good enough to be on a top ten list. This movie series allowed Stiller to show that he can be funny while keeping his jokes PG.

8. The Heartbreak Kid- Stiller really made you feel bad for him in this role. This might be one of Ben’s most forgotten movies, but it definitely belongs in his top ten.

7. Anchorman- Stiller’s role as the leader of the Spanish news team was brief, but that fight scene was one of the most epic scenes in a comedy of all time. Great cameo for Ben Stiller.

6. Happy Gilmore- I wanted so badly to put this role higher, but out of respect for the rest of Stiller’s work as a lead character, I just couldn’t. Stiller’s role was so funny in this movie, and I probably still tell people they just pulled landscaping duty at least once a week.

5. Dodgeball- White Goodman, what a bad ass. Nobody makes him bleed his own blood.

4. Along Came Polly- This is another hugely underrated Stiller movie. The basketball scene with Philip Seymour Hoffman was one of my favorite movie scenes ever.

3. There’s Something About Mary- There’s not a man alive who can’t in someway relate to Stiller’s character in this movie.

2. Zoolander- There are literally too many phenomenal quotes from this movie for me to even try to pick the best to talk about. Hopefully the upcoming ‘Zoolander 2’ will be even close to half as good as the first.

1. Meet The Parents- There’s not an actor alive who could have done Stiller’s job better while playing Gaylord Focker in the ‘Meet The Parents’ series. He made awkward about as funny as it possibly could be. Some of this movie’s scenes were so awkward they were painful to watch. This was one of my favorite movies growing up, and it always will be.

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  1. I would throw Keeping the Faith and Tropic Thunder in there as well. Nobody plays the hard luck guy better then Stiller. Great list!

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