Legend- Coach Gary Williams Is In The Hall of Fame

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Gary Williams, the man who helped make my experience at the University of Maryland an even better one by creating a great basketball program and a National Champion, is now in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.  It’s a well deserved honor for the Terps legend.  Here are the stats:

668 Total Wins, 441 of those were at Maryland

16 Total Tournament Appearances, 14 at Maryland

In the wake of the death of superstar Len Bias, Williams brought the Terps from the ashes of the harshest sanctions in the history of NCAA basketball to the National Title in 2002.


He is the third winningest coach in ACC history.

Maryland was called Garyland while he was there.

He kept several College Park dry-cleaners in business by sweating through a million suits.

Plus, nobody fist-pumps the crowd like angry ol’ Gary


Maryland pride babes.





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