LeBron Goes Home, Leaving Heat Die Hard Fans Wondering Who To Root For

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It looks like it’s time for all Miami Heat “fans” to jump to their next bandwagon. LeBron James just told SI.com that he will be rejoining the Cavaliers, and play his home games in Cleveland. First of all, great move by LeBron. He owed it to this city to bring them a championship, and failed his first go-round. It took him a couple years with some other quality players and a quality organization to learn how to win, and now he’s going back home to try to help Cleveland end their 50-year championship drought, in any sport.

I’ve had more than my share of bad things to say about LeBron throughout his career, mostly when he was with the Heat, and hated his original decision to go to South Beach. But he handled this decision on a much more professional, careful level, and I’ve got to tip my cap to him.

But this move poses one big question. What will all the Heat diehards do? Clearly there is no hope for another championship in Miami any time soon, seeing that Bosh is probably jumping ship, and Wade is a has-been. The Heat fans I know would never be caught rooting for a bad team. Heat fans are all about status and trying to fit in with what’s popular in hip-hop culture. I’ve heard basically every Heat fan ever defending their fandom, and saying they’ve been a fan since before LeBron showed up, but we all the truth about that claim. So now do they swallow their pride and move on with James to Cleveland? It seems tough for a former Heat fan to root for poor old Cleveland, seeing that they aren’t a big market, and aren’t relevant in the hip-hop game. But a true Heat fan follows LeBron, not the Heat.


I just personally can’t wait to see what all these a-holes that have been Heat fans for four years running do now. Their bluff just got called. There’s gonna be a lot of Heat caps sitting on the mantle collecting dust, because God forbid any of these social status clingers be seen rooting for a team that isn’t the best. And a true Heat fan has been loyal to the Heat for four years, which is practically a lifetime for your typical bandwagon hopper.


Yep, this is your typical Heat fan….


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