Lazy Fat Bastard Alert: NASA Pays 10K A Month To Lay In Bed

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Is this the ultimate bliss, or an awful torture?   NASA pays people to literally lay in bed for 70 days.  You can’t do shit but stare at boob tube, read, or talk to the other disgusting lazy fuck next to you.  They are studying the effects of  microgravity, which is somehow mimicked by lying down with your head slightly tilted towards the ground for long periods of time.  Getting out of bed is not an option, unless the scientist tell you to do so for testing.

I must admit I’m torn by this, but 70 days is a long time to be that fucking lazy.  How many times do you think you’d watch Sportcenter?  Or what if the guy next to you is the most annoying asshole alive?  70 days is a lot of reading and the Game of Thrones series isn’t quite long enough to cover it.  Of course you could also memorize the entire Sopranos  DVD series, or The Wire. Maybe that dude who watched every baseball game for a year and now announces for the Orioles would make a good candidate.  Ultimately though, 10K ain’t enough to go bat shit crazy for 2 and a half months.  Hash tag, hell no babes.

Breakfast is lovely, but I can’t feel my fucking feet.

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  1. Easiest thing ever. Would not go insane at all. Get me an xbox, a piano, computer & I’m set.

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