Lame Denver Fans Are Reason Elvis Came Here

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The best part of watching the draft is getting to see the fan’s reactions to whoever their team picks.  When the camera cuts to the crowd, it catches some priceless moments. Fans screaming and angry.  People booing the commish. But we can sit here and beat on the sorry ass Jet fans who boo and holler about their doomed franchise  all day long , instead we’ll take a more asshole approach and pick on some wholesome and enthusiastic folks.  I’m sure these are nice people, but c’mon Denver, this group here reps you at the draft?  No drunk, screaming lunatics?  No toothless hardcores wearing Sammy Winder jerseys?  No way these folks are tailgating with a keg of Natural Light and handle of Jameson, and no way these good folks booed Roger Goodell.   100% the reason Elvis came here, to escape this scene.

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