Lady Tries To Catch A Foul Ball With Full Plate Of Nachos

Sports and Bets — July 10, 2016 at 10:57 am by


This is what happens when a foul ball is coming your way and you decide to put your tray of nachos up at it, in an attempt to catch the ball. You can catch a ball with a glove, bare hands, your hat, a cup of beer, but I’ve never seen the nachos tray be used to successfully make a catch (or attempted).

See this is why you should always have your kids play sports. Cause when they’re adults, they’ll know how to handle this situation should they ever find themselves in it. Cause if you’ve never caught a ball in your life, your first instinct might be to just shove your nachos at it, and boom, waste of $6.50.



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  1. $6.50? What ball park are you buying nachos at?

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