LA Kiss Player Detroys Dance Cam. Who Says Arena Football Isn’t Entertaining?

Entertainment, Featured — June 19, 2014 at 6:59 pm by

By Zach

This is exactly how I picture myself looking on the dance floor.  Yep, bumpin’ and grindin’ at the local watering hole on a Saturday night, all while Sir Mix A Lot pounds through the speakers. But the reality for me is pretty much the opposite of this dude’s skill set.  Anyone who’s ever seen me would argue that I look more like Seth Rogen dancing in “Knocked Up”.  I do the dice thing way too much.  That’s really all I’ve got.

This guy Cameron Stephenson on the LA Kiss actually looks pretty good while dancing and maybe with this routine he can secure a spot for himself on “Dancing With The Stars.” He’d have my vote. A tad more swagger than me.


….roll the dice


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