Krewski, A Baltimore Based Comedy Group Just Put The Mannequin Challenge On Notice

Entertainment — November 15, 2016 at 4:53 pm by

YouTube The krew throws a house party and the #mannequinchallenge evolves into the #motionchallenge with slow motion, fast forward, and reverse.***All movements were performed in real-time with no speed or reversal effects. ***

It’s no surprise that the gang over at Krewski, a Baltimore based entertainment group, would give the mannequin challenge a shot. We’ve seen good ones, we’ve seen bad ones (Jerry Jones’), but we’ve seen a gazillion of them. Krewski stepped it up on theirs, and basically set a new standard. I want to see fast forward, slow motion, and reverse from here on out.

Here’s the Jerry Jones attempt for measure, and F’ Dallas…

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