KLM Airlines Has A Dog Named Sherlock Return Lost Belongings

Entertainment — September 24, 2014 at 3:32 pm by

The Dutch airline, KLM, just revolutionized the lost and found game at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. No more cardboard boxes filled with smelly hoodies and mismatched gloves for these trailblazers. KLM is able to successfully return 80% of found items to passengers thanks to a Lost & Found team that “uses all available information like seat number, phone numbers and public social media details.” Once they are able to figure out who the item belongs to, Sherlock sniffs them out and personally delivers it to them. Talk about customer service, babes. It’s already a great feeling to be reunited with a valuable possession, but having an adorable pup be the bearer of good news really takes it up a notch.

via KLM & Huffington Post

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