KKK Member Gets Confronted For Wearing FUBU Sneakers At Confederate Flag Rally

Humor — August 3, 2015 at 2:42 pm by

Welp, that’s embarrassing. That guy probably laid out his outfit the night before the rally and was real jacked up about it. “I’m going suns out, guns out with my snazzy new sneakers. The fellas are going to love it!” Too bad for this redneck his red, black, and white shoes were FUBUs. The For Us, By Us apparel company founded by a group of African Americans. You would think that someone so dedicated to hating black people would do a little homework before making sneaker purchases. I am shocked and appalled that a KKK member could be so ignorant. It could’ve been much worse for this racist asshat, though. At least he wasn’t wearing one of those ridiculous FUBU football jerseys.


P.S. This might be my favorite picture of all-time. Gigantic titties, Kevin Nash, and FUBU is one mesmerizing combo.


P.P.S. This guy’s Randy Marsh inspired shirt is awesome.


cover pic: Complex

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