Kind-Of-Hot Woman Got Naked And Stopped Traffic To Flick The Bean And Climb On Top Of A Car

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31-year-old Florida woman Amie Carter had herself quite the night of mischief last Sunday, when she was arrested for roaming the streets of Orlando ass naked, and masturbating in front of traffic. She then climbed on the top of a Lexus, and stomped on the hood of the car. She threw her cell phone at the vehicle behind it. Police said she seemed to be under the influence of a “heavy unknown substance.” She has been charged with criminal mischief and exposure of sexual organs.

I’m just imagining what the experience was like being in that Lexus. You get stopped by a decent looking naked woman so she can masturbate in front of you, and then she jumps on your car and starts stomping around like a sex-crazed maniac. I don’t think I’d be mad. I’d be more impressed. I actually wish this would happen more often. Keep us all on our toes out there on the road. Maybe the kids would stop texting and driving if they knew there was a possibility they were about to see a quality set of tits and a woman thirsty for the D. This woman’s not a criminal, she’s an innovator. The world needs more Amie Carter.

via Orlando Sentinal

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