Kid Gets Wisdom Teeth Removed, Curses Like A Sailor, Struggles To Walk Into House

Humor — November 4, 2014 at 5:04 pm by

These videos are always good for a laugh, but man, do they make me nervous. I’m supposed to get my wisdom teeth removed soon, and the last thing that I want from that experience is a viral video of me acting like a damn fool. I might pass on the laughing gas, rip a few shots, and tell the Doc to tie a string to the tooth and slam the door shut. This modern day, fancy pants dentistry is just too risky for me. But I guess I shouldn’t act too rash because some good did come from the video. Check out the YouTube description:

“This hilarious video is of My son Cameron after getting his wisdom teeth removed. Although he’s 18, I had NEVER heard my son say a swear nor say the ”N” word in my presence until this day! And boy did he bring it all out!”

Cameron went to the dentist a boy and came back a man. Now that those first curse words are out of the way, he’s finally free to properly express himself. And you can bet your ass that those curses were warranted in those very stressful situations. How can you respond to some punk reflection trying to start trouble without saying, “Fuck that nigga. Fuck you. Bitch, you stole my shirt. Mom, he stole my shirt. Let me fuck him up.” Or how about being forced to enter a haunted house? Your only choice is to plead, “Momma, no. Fuck a decoration. We black, we run from shit like that.” Those were textbook responses from Cameron. Eddie knows what I’m talking about.

via Uproxx

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