Khalil Mack Was Mic-ed Up Calling Ryan Jensen “Soft As Hell”, As He Backed Down To A Helmet-less Jensen

Sports and Bets — October 12, 2017 at 3:37 pm by


Khalil Mack was mic-ed up for the Raiders-Ravens game this past Sunday, a game in which the Ravens’ O-Line actually dominated Oakland’s pass rush.



My favorite part of the clip hands down was Khalil talking shit to Ryan Jensen. Don’t get it twisted, even though Jensen and the Ravens’ line got the best of Mack and the Raiders, Khalil is one hell of a football player. But it was laugh out loud funny when Jensen was trying to fight two Raiders at once, one of which was Khalil, with no helmet on, and Khalil was backing off and calling Jensen “soft as hell.”

Khalil Mack- great football player, fake tough guy.


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