Kevin Gausman Left Spring Training Game With Injury

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Going into the offseason, there were only two pitchers that we knew were going to be in the starting rotation for 2018, Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman. In Gausman’s first start in spring training, in the 2nd inning, he is already hurt. To what extent, we don’t know at this point, but it seems to be a concussion.


Read about the injury here:

Baltimore Baseball “Having already allowed two runs in the second inning, Gausman ran to back up a play behind home plate.

Adam Jones threw to the plate and catcher Caleb Joseph jumped to catch the ball and just missed tagging a sliding Jason Krizan, who scored the Tigers’ third run.

Once the dust settled, Gausman was on the ground behind home plate, apparently having collided with Detroit’s Jeimer Candelario, who had been on – or around — the on-deck circle.

Head athletic trainer Brian Ebel rushed out, and Gausman sat up, but remained sitting on the field behind the plate for several minutes as Ebel conducted brief concussion tests. Ultimately, Gausman walked off on his own power to the dugout and was replaced by pitcher Matt Wotherspoon.

In between innings, Gausman left the stadium with Ebel on a cart. The pitcher was holding a towel against the left side of his face and forehead while in the cart.”


So it appears the injury is a concussion, which Will Smith has told us is not good news. Although concussions are serious, they usually don’t take long to heal from for the player to get back on the field, but let’s ask Brian Roberts if he had the same experience. Even if Gausman is out for a few weeks, these are valuable weeks for pitchers to get ready for the start of the season, and although the Orioles pitching staff has depth in numbers, they have zero depth in skills.

Maybe, not really, but maybe this will convince the Orioles to sign another pitcher to the tune of Alex Cobb or Lance Lynn. But again, this is the Orioles we’re talking about, so I won’t hold my breath.



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