Kelly Hall, Matthew Stafford’s Fiancée, Is A Helluva 3-Point Shooter

Entertainment, Sports and Bets — November 25, 2014 at 4:00 am by

Behind the arch. Men’s ball. So close.

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Damn, that was an impressive shooting display. Knocking down four out of five threes is no easy task. Also not an easy task, lasting beyond four or five strokes with that little minx.

Drunk modeling in #CostaRica Directed by model @awatt A video posted by Kelly Hall (@kbhall82) on








It’s a dog’s world…we’re just living in it. #lakelife

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It’s time. #hallthewayturntup

A video posted by Kelly Hall (@kbhall82) on

via The Big Lead
cover pic: The Big Lead

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