Kelechi Osemele Issued A Nice Goodbye And Thanks To The City Of Baltimore And The Ravens

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I want to take this time to Thank the City of Baltimore, The Ravens Organization, The Bisciotti family, My Ravens teammates as well as all of the Ravens fans for all the support they gave my teammates and me while I was in the great city of Baltimore. I was blessed to experience the pinnacle achievement in the NFL when we won the Super Bowl my rookie year and have been chasing that high ever since. I can never thank the Ravens enough for taking a chance on a kid out of Iowa State that critics said was too soft to play in the NFL because he was raised in a house full of women. I hope I was able to prove them wrong through my hard work and determination on the field and wish the Ravens and the City of Baltimore nothing but the best in the future! Thanks for all the memories!!!

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Kelechi Osemele has always been a classy guy to have in the organization, and it’s sad to see him go. That being said, I don’t know if signing him to play left tackle would have been the way to go, and it’s tough to lock up so much money into two guards. So as unfortunate as this situation is that we have to lose one of the best players in Baltimore, I’m not sure it made much sense to keep him for the price he commanded. Best of luck in Oakland, we’ll miss you here on Sundays.




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