Kate Upton Used To Smell Bad?

Entertainment, Featured — July 21, 2014 at 6:45 pm by

by Babes

I knew there had to be something wrong with Kate Upton.  The blond bombshell, who is a perfect ten today, was reported to have smelled of horse sweat in high school.  That’s right, the guys in Upton’s hometown in Florida didn’t want to be near Kate in class because she smelled.

Of course, we all know there are “late bloomers,” but the smelling usually seals the deal for me.  But be careful writing a potential hottie off too soon.  As it turns out, Kate only smelled like that at school because she walked her horses every morning before class.  Just think what the dude from her fourth period social studies class is thinking now, “Fuck, if only I could have dealt with a little horse sweat, I could have been face down suffocating in Kate Upton’s monstrous double whoppers.  Fuck you, I hate you ,Verlander.”

So young fellas, let this be a lesson.  Don’t write off chicks too early.  Maybe she’s a late bloomer. Maybe she’ll get surgery to have that penis removed from her forehead. Either way don’t burn any bridges– because you never know.

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