Kanye West Stops Concert To Yell At Handicapped Kid For Being Disrespectful By Not Standing Up

Entertainment — September 14, 2014 at 4:47 pm by


Kanye West held a concert in Sydney, Australia this past week, and he wasn’t really feeling the crowd. Can you believe that not every single person in the crowd was standing up during one of his songs? Not even the handicapped ones.

Kanye was so upset that people were not properly worshipping him, that he took it upon himself to stop the entire concert until literally every single person in the crowd took to their feet. He waited a couple minutes, and called out two people in wheelchairs in the crowd. When he was told they were in wheelchairs, he sent his body guard out to check, just to make sure they weren’t lying to him. One person even waived their prosthetic limb at him as proof as to why he couldn’t stand up.

Way to make an arena full of people feel about as uncomfortable as humanly possible.

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  1. Media sucks!! Kanye had no idea the kid was handicapped. When he asked everyone to stand up wasn’t to worship him, it’s called putting on a great performance, boosting moral.

  2. Fuck him what a bitch,this isn’t the first time he has done fucked up shit to his fans. He expects people to bow down to him and treat him like a king he thinks he is better then his fans an everyone. He forgets if it wasn’t for his fans he would be rich an have the life get gas today. I say fuck him don’t spend ur money on his music an shit. I hope someone spits in his drink an food. Kanye West ur a bitch go fuck ur self dick head.

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