Kamar Aiken Is Heading Out Of Baltimore

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A lot of Baltimore fell in love with Kamar Aiken two seasons ago, when Steve Smith Sr. and Breshad Perriman were hurt, and Aiken was thrust into the Ravens number one receiver role. It was a role that no one saw coming, but one that Aiken actually did pretty well in, catching 75 balls for 944 yards and 5 TDs. But reality set in in 2016, when he again became an afterthought, and only had 29 receptions for 328 yards and only one touchdown.

The Ravens need a complimentary receiver to the speed guys they have on the outside, and they’ve talked about it all offseason, but have yet to sign one in free agency. Kamar Aiken fits the style player they need, and fans have made it clear how much they like him.

But anyone who thinks the Ravens should have resigned Kamar Aiken to be their starter alongside Wallace is wrong. The Ravens do need a Kamar Aiken style player, but they need one who is much better than Aiken. Fans are blindsided by the fact that they like him, and convince themselves he’s a legitimate starter, when he’s not.

I like Kamar Aiken as much as the next guy, and I hope he does well in Indy, but he wasn’t the answer the Ravens needed, and they were smart to not pay him like he was.


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