Justin Tucker Wins NFL Most Valuable Performer Contest, Donates $50k Prize To Baltimore School

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Baltimore Ravens kicker, Justin Tucker has taken the crown as the NFL’s Most Valuable Performer, and it wasn’t even close. The talent contest aired Thursday night on CBS, and was set out to find the NFL player with greatest off the field talent.

Tucker hit em with “Ave Marie,” and that’s all she wrote. I honestly haven’t heard pipes like that since Brennan busted out Por ti volare at the Catalina Wine Mixer.

What does Tucker do when he wins? Donates the $50,000 prize to The Baltimore School for the Arts, like the legend that he is.

CBS Students and staff were overwhelmed by Tucker’s generosity, and it’s something they really rely on since 1/3 of their funding comes from donations. “We have a program for second through eighth-graders. About 700 young people come to Baltimore School for the Arts every week for training in the arts, so we are going to apply the money towards that program and that gets city kids started on a path that can lead many different directions,” says Chris Ford, Baltimore School for the Arts director. “Our star athletes have connections to the world of arts and culture and that’s exciting to see.” Anu Adefiwitan, a student, said Tucker’s gift speaks volumes.

PS Tucker could’ve won this contest a gazillion different ways…

Trick shots


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