Just A Man And His Machete, Standing Guard Through The Night

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How about this guy? I would be lying if I wasn’t intimidated by him, everything about this look tells you to back away. Without the machete, the duster and surgical mask would still deliver an effective message.

So what was this guy up to?

A vigilante, his name is Brian Woodyard, and he posted up at the corner of McKean Avenue. He vowed to defend a liquor store throughout the night, and was prepared to sling his machete.

Was he prepared to actually use the weapon he was holding? “You’re damn straight I am,” he replied. Would that be legal? “Nope,” he laughed. “But forget the law when the law can’t protect civilians. This is kind of all-out war.” Doing something like this could have turned out horribly, but it seems like Brian made it through the night. Some people agree with him, and others think he is an idiot…

This is another shot of someone on guard through the chaos. Pretty powerful picture… 




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