Juggling During A Traffic Stop To Assure You’re Sober Is Next Level

Entertainment — March 7, 2017 at 10:40 am by

“This is going to sound really weird…I’m a magician, and it’s a magic ball.” I’d imagine officers hear stuff like this all the time, but 9 times out of 10 it’s something sketchy as hell. To the pleasant surprise of these officers, they just so happened to pull over the Arkansas Houdini.

YouTube A University of Central Arkansas junior pulled over by police proved his sobriety by juggling… Blayk Puckett said he was driving home from the library on campus late Friday night. He said he was driving slow because he knew he had a brake light out. But despite efforts to avoid police, the junior with the license plate ‘JUGGLER,’ was pulled over. Sgt. Keith McKay with UCA Police was one of two to pull Puckett over. “A lot of times, especially around a college campus later in the night, the driving gets slower, especially if they almost hit a curb once, it’s a typical indication they might be impaired.”

Maybe it was the ‘JUGGLER’ license plate, maybe it was all the magic trinkets this kid had, but this cop was genuinely thrilled about the juggling. I know, it’s tempting to put some juggling clubs in your backseat. Yea, don’t do that. You probably can’t juggle, and it will definitely work against your sobriety test.

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