Johns Hopkins Crushes Dreams By Sending Out Acceptance Letters To Kids Who Actually Weren’t

News — December 17, 2014 at 9:04 pm by

BALTIMORE (AP)Johns Hopkins University says nearly 300 applicants were mistakenly sent welcome messages when they were actually rejected or deferred

Oh man, this is a kick to the stomach.  Welcome, student, to Johns Hopkins, one of the most prestigious universities on the East Coast.  Your future is bright.  What will you become?  An engineer, a physician, a scientist, an internet blogger?  No matter what you do, you will be successful because Johns Hopkins has accepted you, and you and your career choice will be forever linked to this fine institution.  Uh…nevermind, we sent you the wrong letter.  Your dumbass was supposed to get the reject stationary.

How does this happen?  How bad does this make The Hop look, babes?  Supposed to be this big time intellectual haven for geniuses and lacrosse players, and they can’t even get ther accept/reject piles straight?!  C’mon, man. Not to mention the fact that they’ve just crushed some dreams times two out there.  It’s bad enough getting rejected, but it’s gotta be even worse after you think you’re in.  Brutal mistake, utterly heartbreaking, babes.


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