Johnny “Baseball” Schoop is a Young Yankee Killer

Featured, Sports and Bets — August 15, 2014 at 1:31 am by

My boy, Johnny “Baseball” Schoop delivered a huge game-tying home run Wednesday night in the 8th inning against the dreaded New York Yankees. I have been behind Schoop 100% since spring training. Schoop has had his ups and downs this season, however, at this point I think we can all agree that, yes, he is still learning, but he is also coming through for the Orioles in a big way. One thing that’s 100% not debatable is that Schoop, in his young career, is killing the Yankees.

As Orioles fans ,there might not be a team we hate more than the Yankees. I think Schoop has the same burning hatred for the Yanks as the fans do. For some reason, Schoop brings his A-game against the evil empire on a consistent basis, and personally, I feel there isn’t a better team to do it against. Versus the Yankees this season, Schoop is batting .379, with 4 Home Runs, 2 doubles, and 11 RBI’s. If your going to be the Orioles’ starting second baseman for years to come, kicking the crap out of the Yankee is a good way to keep the job, and Johnny Baseball has that down.

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