Joe’s Crab Shack Served Children Cocktails And I Think They Might Have Gotten Wasted

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Joe’s Crab Shack in Colorado Springs casually fixed up a couple of cocktails and served them to six children ages 2-8. The children had apparently ordered a blue soft drink called Shark Nibbles, but instead were served a round of mixed drinks called Shark Bites, which include vodka, rum, blue curacao, and grenadine. 30 minutes after being served, the waitress rushed to the table and told them what had happened, but the kids had already consumed a “significant amount” of their drinks, and the 2-year-old girl had finished the entire thing. All the children were checked by paramedics and are safe.

DAMMNNNN PARTY ALL DAY ERRYDAYYY! There’s nothing like the first time you get all liqured up with family, and these cousins got to experience that a little sooner than most. I’m very impressed with the manor in which these kids went about their business. They had all finished most of their cocktails, except for the youngest of them all, who had downed hers like it was straight Hi-C. This little girl is 16 years from going away to college, but I can assure you her beer bong time will be epic. Notice none of these kids opened their mouths about what they had actually been served. Clearly they were just loving the chance to get fucked up without their parents knowing. Get a solid buzz on at Joe’s and go home hammered like you don’t even have to get up for day care the next morning.

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  1. Disgusting and sophomoric photo.

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