Joe Flacco: Worth It Or Not?

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By:  Jeff  “Babes” Greggs

In today’s NFL, big bucks bring about  big debate.  Joe’s new contract is raising eyebrows and questions among Ravens fans.  Is Joe Flacco worth over 20 million dollars a year?   Did the Baltimore Ravens make the right decision to make him the highest paid player in NFL history?   Does he really deserve this distinction?   Regardless of what you may think the answer to these questions are, the truth is that the Ravens were never gonna let Flacco walk after winning the Super Bowl.  They did that once with a QB and it didn’t turn out well. (Elvis Fucking Grbac). So now that we’ve established that the Ravens had no choice  but to pay the guy, let’s answer that first question, will he be worth it?
The  answer is an emphatic yes.  He will be worth it and the Ravens are making the right decision. Let’s look at the facts about Joe. He is the winningest quarterback in regular and postseason play since being drafted in 2008.  Period.  63 total wins in fact, and the last time I checked that’s what matters most in this league, winning. You can argue til your blue in the face that he doesn’t put up big numbers, that he takes too many sacks, and that he wins ugly sometimes. But guess what he wins. So what if  his QBR was in the toilet a few times last year?  Ask how many bad QBR  numbers Saints QB Drew Brees would have traded for some wins last year.  Ask yourself this question as well, do you want the best fantasy quarterback playing for you, or someone who despite the lack of eye-popping numbers, brings home wins.  And let’s not forget that quite often last year Flacco displayed great numbers. His 11-0 TD- to- interception differential in the playoffs is tied for best in NFL history.  The guy gets the job done when it matters the most.
What many  people don’t often realize about the NFL  is that these contracts are about timing first and foremost. Flacco will be the highest paid player for all of  one year. Aaron Rodgers will no doubt get a bigger deal then Flacco,  which again will be more about timing then anything else.  It’s just the way it works. Yes it’s convenient that Flacco won the Super Bowl in a contract year, but through no fault of his own, he should have been given the opportunity to win one in 2011. If Lee Evans doesn’t drop that pass, Flacco is on at least a level playing field with Eli Manning with two Super Bowl appearances and the chance at two championship wins.
But for me, the real reason you sleep like a baby at night if you’re the Ravens is that you’re paying a guy that’s just 28 years old!  He is just entering the prime of his career,  he’s not 36 and a statue in the pocket. ( wonder how the Pats are gonna feel when they are paying a forty-year old Qb, whether he’ s actually able to play or not).  How about doing some forward thinking  here and realizing  that a guy like Flacco will someday be the measuring stick for QB ‘s,  just like Brady and Manning are today.  To me Flacco, Eli, Big Ben, and Aaron Rodgers will always be in a class above the likes of Romo, Rivers, and Schaub because they have won on the biggest stages.  If you want to compile a list of “elite” QB’ s that deserve to be paid in the 20 million dollar range, look no further than the list of active QB’ s that have won a Super Bowl. Of those seven, I’ ll take the four who are closer to their prime and not the ones at the end of  their careers.  I’ll take the aforementioned four of Flacco, Eli, Ben, and Rodgers over the trio of Peyton, Brady, and Brees because I know I’ll be getting a longer return on my investment. I’m not saying Flacco is better than Brady, I’m saying I’d rather have the 28-year-old fresh off a Super Bowl MVP than the 36-year-old, even though the 36-year-old may be the best ever when it’s all said and done.  I ‘ll take ten years of optimism over three years of we have to win now!
If you’re not convinced yet I’ ll leave you with this:  Flacco has more playoff wins since  2008 then Brady, Peyton, Romo, Rivers, Cutler, and Brees combined. Fuck with that!

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