Joe Flacco Celebrated His Newest Contract By Heading To Dunkin Donuts

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Everyone knows that after signing his last contract, Joe Flacco hit up the McDonald’s drive-thru for some grub. $120 million apparently gets you hungry for some food that even homeless people can afford. But this time around after signing his latest extension, Flacco decided to upgrade to something a little nicer.




Now most people might argue that Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s are on the same level. They’re both fast food they say. I don’t trust those people as far as I can throw them. Dunkin Donuts has quality food. I’m not a coffee guy, but I hear they have the best, their donuts are obviously tops in the industry, and their breakfast sandwiches are the tits. Plus, they call me ‘buddy’ every time I pull my car around to the window. Can’t put a value on that kind of treatment. McDonald’s crap food probably has more random animal fat and human blood and sweat in it than I care to imagine. It’s peasant food. I wouldn’t feed it to my dog. Give me an old school chocolate sprinkle donut or a Boston creme and you’ve got me roped in, but don’t even throw that McDonald’s garbage in my face.


PS- Chick-Fil-A for life.




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