Job Applicant Stabs Boss During Interview

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This past Monday, Jose Lopez had a job interview in El Cajon, California. I don’t know if Lopez was really nervous or really likes to party, but he showed up drunk to the interview. The bossman could smell the booze on Lopez’s breath, so he confronted Lopez about it, and that’s when things got ugly. From NBC San Diego:

In turn, Lopez became angry and then got physical, police say. A fight ensued, but when the boss got the upper hand and put the suspect in a headlock, Lopez stabbed him in the arm, according to investigators. Lopez then ran off, leaving behind one very important piece of evidence: his job application. When El Cajon police officers responded, the victim showed them the paper that listed the suspect’s name, which they used to find his address. They arrested Lopez in his home later that day. He has since been booked into San Diego County Jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. The victim was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital for a minor stab wound.

Soooo, did he get the job? They always say that you need to sell yourself during a job interview, and Lopez did display some traits that any employer would love to have in an employee. Showing up drunk? That’s Jose being an independent thinker. Fighting the boss? That shows drive and determination. Pulling a knife out when things go south? That’s called problem solving in the workplace. Leaving behind your resume so you can be easily apprehended? That’s attention to detail, babes. Jose didn’t behave in a traditionally acceptable manner, but in this dire economic climate you gotta do what you can to stand out. Being hostile towards the boss worked for Ted, and I’ve got a real good feeling that it’s going to work for Jose, too.

via NBC San Diego & Uproxx
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