JJ Craps His Pants Again, Birds Fall To Bronx Bums In Ninth, 3-2

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What the hell is going on?!  This road trip is turning into a god damn disaster.  The bullpen gave away another one tonight, but this time it was our once dominant closer Jim Johnson who was handing out runs like freakin’ Halloween candy. Johnson entered the game with a 2-1 lead.  That would evaporate quickly.  Through the course of the frame, JJ committed an error, walked home a run, and then gave up a walk off single to Vernon Wells.  Birds lose 3-2. It was ugly and frustrating to watch.  Even when he’s been successful, JJ has seemed to struggle, and after tonight’s loss Johnson has a record of 2-7  with six blown saves on the year.

JJ owes Gonzo some beers tonight for blowing this ballgame.

JJ owes Gonzo some beers tonight for blowing this ballgame.


What’s even more frustrating is the fact that Buck never yanks JJ off the bump.  He’s the end of the line and that’s it.  I understand that Johnson has had a ton of success, and he’s Buck’s guy, but if he’s struggling, he’s struggling.  JJ should have been yanked after the four pitch walk to Hafner that scored the Yankee’s first run of the inning.

But the bullpen is not the only goat here.  Ivan Nova pitched very well for the Yankees, tossing a complete game accompanied by 11, yes 11, strikeouts. It’s the second night in a row that the Birds have K’ed 11 times.  In fact in the first four games of this road trip the Orioles have struck out 39 times.  That’s unacceptable.  Granted, the Birds have run into some good pitching, but the O’s are helping these pitchers out by swinging at a lot of balls that are outside of the strike zone.  This collective team slump needs to stop, and stop quickly.  Shaky bullpens are helped by big leads.  We need those big leads back.

Anybody got a chicken?  Maybe Jobu can help the Oriole bats get out of this mini-slump.

Anybody got a chicken? Maybe Jobu can help the Oriole bats get out of this mini-slump.

The Birds are now five games out of first, with Boston still in progress on the West Coast.  Our boys in black and orange need a wake-up call.

Miguel Gonzalez battled and allowed only one run over 6.  Patton and O’Day kept it at 2-1 before handing it off to Johnson.

What to do now?  Who should close games?  Johnson?  Hunter?  O’Day?  Gausman?  Somebody not currently in the organization?  The Oriole mascot?  Peter Angelos? The wins are too precious from here on out, these late game meltdowns can’t keep happening.  The Birds have got some big decisions to make in the bullpen.

Day game tomorrow babes 1:05

Tillman (10-2) vs Pettite (5-6)

Let’s Go O’s!

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  1. This article craps it’s pants. Are you the same Seabass as in Dumb and Dumber?

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