Jimmy Smith Suspended Four Games For Performancing Enhancing Substances

Sports and Bets — December 4, 2017 at 1:36 pm by


Well here’s some terrible news to pile on to yesterday’s terrible news that Jimmy Smith is out for the year.


It sounds like Jimmy will be able to serve his suspension while he’s already injured, so he won’t actually miss any extra time for this. But this sucks. Jimmy Smith was having a career year, was on pace to be a Pro Bowler for the first time ever, and not only did he suffer ANOTHER huge injury, but now we find out he cheated. I’m not one of those ban him for life type of guys, but I do like my players to succeed without cheating, and this is pretty disappointing news coming out today.

A little note to everyone who was screaming at Ozzie for drafting a corner in the first round…This is exactly why he did it. It’s a position you can never have too much depth at, especially when your best player at the position is always getting hurt. The Ravens have suffered two devastating season ending injuries at the position, including Tavon Young, and even though this will be tough to rebound from, thanks to our cornerback depth, the season is far from over.

Humphrey has looked great this year until this week against the Lions, when until he got a crucial interception, he actually looked terrible. But hopefully that was a blip, not a trend, and he can get back to shutting down wide receivers. I think the Ravens got a really good one in Humphrey, and we’ll see a lot of what he’s made of in the next couple weeks.


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