Jimmy Kimmel Asked People Ridiculous Questions About Oscar Movies & They Lied Their Asses Off

Entertainment, Humor — February 23, 2015 at 3:56 pm by

These “Lie Witness News” segments never cease to amaze me. It’s crazy how many gullible liars are walking the streets. I do think some of Jimmy Kimmel’s versions of these Oscar movies could’ve made the films more entertaining, though. For instance, who wouldn’t want to watch Stephen Hawking get into a fist fight with Albert Einstein? I’d gladly shell out $11.50 to watch that battle of the brainiacs. And adding Angelina Jolie to Selma to play Rosa Parks? Pure genius. Sex sells and there’s nothing sexier than Jolie, buses, and racism. Also, was there any doubt that this goofball would be full of shit?


Sick bandana, Karate Kid. And this lady might be a liar, but those titties are the truth. I’d watch a fictional movie with you anytime, babe.


via Jimmy Kimmel Live! & Uproxx

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