Jim Palmer Schools David Ortiz On Twitter. Ortiz Responds Like A Prick Because Papi Sucks

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We all know David Ortiz got ejected over a check-swing strike on Sunday and we all know he whined and bitched about his plight in typical Red Sox fashion.  Jim Palmer, Hall of Famer and now Oriole analyst, tweeted out his thoughts on Papi’s tirade….

Palmer added these thoughts after Sunday’s game, all of which are 100% correct:

“Who needs a home plate umpire when David’s at the plate?” Palmer wrote in his e-mail Monday. “He’s always complaining about close pitches. What I found objectionable was that the Red Sox are playing an important series — game tied, fifth inning — and his actions get him tossed.

“This game is about winning. What did he do yesterday to help the Sox win? Was there any redeeming or positive outcome from his actions? Only for the Orioles.

“How long would a pitcher last on the mound if he had the same histrionics as Ortiz had yesterday? I’m not his judge and jury. I was tweeting about his conduct yesterday, which, in my opinion, is indefensible.”

Then Ortiz said this today when asked about Palmer’s tweets:

“That’s how he wants to get respect from us? Is that how he wants me to respect him? It’s not going to happen,”

“Actually, I thought he was one of my guys,” Ortiz said. “All of sudden, he’s killing me, huh? I guess anybody who want to get paid, make some noise and come to Papi, right? All right.”

Then Red Sox fans started tweeted dumb shit and Palmer started retweeting it, which is hilarious.


Obviously, knowledgeable fans/

What Papi doesn’t get is that Palmer probably doesn’t really give a shit if Papi respects him.  Ortiz is constantly whining and crying at the plate and it’s annoying as fuck.  And while Papi’s a great hitter, he’s also a fat tub of lard that plays the field like Charlie Brown kicks footballs.   We’ve seen Papi’s act enough to know he’s a spoiled, ‘roid aided douche.  His comments about a legend who was commenting on how Ortiz’s actions hurt his team just proved that fact again.

I’d like to make a phone call…. (Even the NESN announcers chime in on this one.)

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  1. Never heard of Jim Palmer, and Kanye helped Paul McCartney’s career. Probably never heard of Yaz, Fisk, Rice, and Garciapara. Papi actaully bumped the umpire 3 times and was lucky he only got ONE game.He may be a proffesional hitter but he is not a professional ATHLETE.

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