Jim Harbaugh Takes His Glove to Baseball Games, Is a Giant Nerd

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So what do you do if you’re an NFL coach trying to relax before the grind of the upcoming season? If you’re Jim Harbaugh, you take in some baseball up and down the west coast. He was in Arizona, San Francisco, and Oakland over the past two weeks, so the man clearly loves our national pastime. He also apparently loves making a God damn fool out of himself because this is unforgivable. This is a 50-year-old man that played 14 seasons in the NFL, yet he brings his glove to the ballpark like he’s a toddler that just started tee-ball. Have a fucking clue, you mouth-breather.

This is yet another reason why I’m glad that we have the older Harbaugh brother calling the shots for the Ravens. Jim might have the edge when it comes to X’s and O’s, but between his baseball glove nonsense, cheap khakis obsession, and frequent sideline meltdowns, John is the steadier, safer bet. Jim is due to suffer a stroke on the field, or murder an official by strangling them with the measuring chains. I want nothing to do with this raving lunatic.




Sucks to suck, Jim.


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