Jim Harbaugh Is Still Crying

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In a radio interview today Jim Harbaugh continued to discuss his anger at the officials for their now famous non-call of defensive holding on 4th and goal in the waning minutes of Super Bowl 47.  Really coach?  Your entire defensive game plan was based on holding Ravens’ receivers. Most notably Torrey Smith, who even commented on it after the game.  It seems like Ol’ Jim is a sore loser and wants to blame the loss on the refs.  Isn’t that what fans do?  NFL coaches usually don’t do that, especially in a game that was called so loosely.  I saw plenty of shirt grabbing by the 49ers offensive tackles, not to mention the out of bounds hit on our QB that wasn’t called.  Maybe little brother, you should blame yourself for the loss.  You were tighter than a medium sized T-Shirt on Honey Boo Boo all week, and your team reflected that in the first half.  Not to mention your poor late game clock management;  and the four plays you called in a must score situation were piss poor.  Colin Kaepernick said that he didn’t have a play call for cover zero on the last play.  (Cover zero is the coverage the Ravens used on that 4th down.)  Really little brother?  You didn’t think there was any chance that the Ravens would sell out and go for broke?  I know, I know, one of the most sophisticated and blitzing defenses of the last 10 years would never send the house on fourth down.  Gimme a break man.  Instead of bitchin’ you should act like a man and give credit where credit is due.  Instead you are trying to tarnish your brother’s Super Bowl victory and acting like a fucking baby in the process.  I mean you couldn’t even give a post game interview to congratulate your own brother on national TV.  No wonder you never did shit as an NFL quarterback, you were too busy looking back at shoulda coulda instead of plowing forward.  Do yourself a favor coach, man up and leave the cryin’ to fans and writers please.


By the way, Crabtree initiated the contact with his terrrible route running.  The pass interference could have been called either way since the contact occured while the ball was in the air.  Not to mention the fact that the pass was thrown well out of bounds, Crabtree wasn’t catching that shit anyway.  You gotta earn a Super Bowl, coach,  don’t expect to be given one.

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  1. Jim has a short memory. Remember the end of the Atlanta game where they got the call? Much worse.

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