Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin Broke Up. Thank God.

Entertainment — October 27, 2014 at 4:50 pm by

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have split according to E! News. The 24-year-old Oscar winner and 37-year-old Fuckboi have called it quits after nearly a four-month relationship. Finally, some good news around these parts. That old, English nancy being with Katniss was the biggest injustice since the gold medal basketball game at the 1972 Olympics. Such a God damn travesty. Now that this nightmare is finally over, I think Jennifer needs to rebound with a nice American man her age. Maybe he’s in show business, maybe he’s an athlete, or maybe he’s a blogger on the rise. Who knows what the heart wants? All I’m saying J-Law, is I’ve got a Curb Your Enthusiasm box set and a fridge full of chili con carne, let’s make some memories.


via E! News & Gawker 
cover pic: Two Guys And A Popcorn Bucket
gif: Perez Hilton

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